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You are on this website for a reason; there must be at least some part of you that yearns to live a better life. 

There's no one like you. The world needs you. You CAN operate at your optimum. 

There's all kinds of ways in which life can take the wind out of us. Therapy can be a way of joining forces to create a meaningful, powerful life for you.

Therapy is a place to have free reign to explore your true self and say what you can't say anywhere else. As a therapist I aim to set the stage so that you can be who you really are - that's where the magic happens. The energy of two people is greater than the sum of its parts; through the journey together my hope is that you can discover what kind of life experience you want and how to get there. Therapy may address issues such as questions about the meaning of life, depression, anxiety, fear, codependency, parenting concerns, life transitions, intimacy concerns, or isolation.


Are We a Fit?

You may find that we are a match if you value straightforwardness, if you are ready to make a change, if you are confused by the ways that you are feeling or acting and you're ready to understand why and change them, and if you want to feel in control of your thoughts and feelings.

I can help with:


Confidence - loving who you are. Feeling worthy of love, respect, and abundance. Being able to command that from others. 


Awareness - being completely connecting to yourself, your needs, your feelings, and to the story of your life. 


Having your intentions and desires match your reality. Manifesting what you want instead of constantly wishing that it were different.


Feeling purpose in your life. Feeling the utter importance and gravity of your existence on this earth. Finding your True North in life. 


“The time is always right to do the right thing.”

Martin Luther King, Jr


I enjoy helping people get all the way to the root of their issues so that people no longer need to manage chronic depression, anxiety, and/or numbness. I do not believe that we were meant to live a life full of pain and suffering. 


Ready to expore what is possible?

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